Excellence in Digital Signage starts with outstanding content and screen placement. Llaborate’s mounting solutions have been deployed in thousands of locations all over the globe. Integrators, installers and network administrators trust our outstanding brands for quality, durability and ease of installation for years.

From standard products to custom designed speciality mounts, Llaborate leads the way in Digital Signage with aesthetics, logistics and creative, high quality solutions. Trust our team to help you create outstanding Digital Signage mounting solutions. Llaborate can supply mounts and stands for a wide range of audio visual equipment including:

Wall Mounts

Fixed Mounts: These are the simplest way to mount your panel on the wall when you have a dedicated viewing area and your eyes are level with the middle or bottom of your display when seated.

Tilt: Tilt mounts are most suitable when you need to mount your display higher on the wall. The tilt functionality allows you to tilt your screen down to avoid screen glare or achieve a better viewing angle.

Height Adjustable: These mounts are fixed brackets that are ideal for classroom placement, with a motorised lift you can manage the screen with great ease.
Free Standing Brackets:

Height Adjustable These dividable floor stands are a compact system that can easily be transported. The easy to assemble parts result in a rigid and presentable floor stand that lifts the flat panel quickly for you and brings it up to presentation position without personal lifting!

Mobile Height Adjustable: Mobile alternatives to the above solution, these stands are designed with education in mind. With a nominal foot print, covered by health and safety precautions, these brackets can be wheeled from classroom to classroom. We also provide options for a tiliting alternative, enabling you to transform your display into a table solution, by combining this with an interactive panel you will have your students excited and involved.