LLaborate offers a complete range of networking switches from the leading manufacturers such as HP, Cisco and Netgear. We can offer both Managed and Unmanaged Layer 2 or 3 switches as well as 10Gbe based aggregation switches.

Our range of networking switches means no matter what your requirements, we can offer high performance, scalability, and a wide range of features for core to edge connectivity that dramatically reduces network complexity and lowers cost of ownership.

With the convergence of AV & IT Llaborate are uniquely positioned in this convergence space due to our unique offering to our clients, for many years we have separated the two parts of the business but with the influx of IP based technology more solutions are based on network topology.

Llaborate brings these technologies together seamlessly.

Cloud Managed Switches

In partnership with Meraki, LLaborate now offers Cloud Networking architecture which enables plug and play branch deployments and provides centralised visibility and control across any number of distributed locations.

With Cloud Management, thousands of switch ports can be configured and monitored instantly over the web. Provision remote sites without on-site IT, deploy network-wide configuration changes and easily manage campus and distributed networks, without training or dedicated staff.

Meraki MS Switches feature virtual stacking — an industry first — that allows management of thousands of switch ports as one, without requiring a physical connection between switches. MS Switches are also the industry's only switches featuring integrated Layer 7 application and client fingerprinting and analysis. Hundreds of applications are automatically identified and reported, from business apps to BitTorrent and YouTube, so administrators can see where resources are spent.

The Meraki MS is the industry’s first cloud managed switch, combining the benefits of cloud-based centralized management with a powerful, reliable access platform.