OMBEA Audience Response System

Supercharged Presentations

Our audience response system displays live feedback on people’s opinions and knowledge.
It’s super-easy to use with your Microsoft PowerPoint slides for voting, engagement and assessment.

We know that group feedback has the power to elevate and inform what you do. OMBEA is our audience response system. It helps you engage your students and colleagues, explore their thoughts, and test their knowledge. It's smarter, easier and more powerful than ever before.

How It Works

Smarter handsets for any group, huge or small.

Your group responds using OMBEA ResponsePad™ or their own tablets and smartphones via OMBEA ResponseApp™.

OMBEA ResponseApp™

OMBEA ResponseApp™

Respond with your smartphone or tablet.
Our ResponseApp turns any internet-browser with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection into a response handset for each participant. It works with groups of any size as long as each participant can connect to the internet.

OMBEA ResponsePad™

OMBEA ResponsePad™

Respond with our Radio-Frequency (RF) handset.
OMBEA ResponsePad works in sessions all the way up to 2,000 participants within a 100m range, while remaining robust and light. It's perfect for conferences and presentations in environments where Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Maximise The Potential Of Audience Response Systems In Your Workplace.

Find out how OMBEA can improve your information gathering projects.

Easier To Use.

Introduce interactivity to your presentations using OMBEA Response™ for Microsoft PowerPoint. We designed it to be the easiest audience response software you’ll ever use. Adding polling slides takes just a few seconds to learn, and even less time to do!. Designed from the ground up to be the easiest audience response software you’ll ever use. Just add some interactive slides, collect responses and see the results instantly.

More powerful insights.

Want more flexibility outside PowerPoint? How about wider question possibilities? Looking for richer visual design options? Competition settings? Advanced comparisons? OMBEA does it all. With a simple interface and easy to use components, users will be generating innovative presentations for maximum effect with their audiences, gathering data has never been simpler!

Richer, deeper data.

From casual reports to rich, detailed data. All of which can be combined with Excel to generate consolidated charts and graphs, organisation is almost built into OMBEA. With the accessibility of exporting your data into multiple file formats the software is very accommodating, with users finding that integration with Moodle and other portal software key to performance.

We’re here for you.

Your journey with OMBEA is really important to us. This is why we go to great lengths to support you as you grow. Help yourself with our Guidebook or get in touch for a tailor made webinar or onsite course. And of course our email, web and phone support is already included.
Webinars and Training

Webinars and Training

We’ll take the time to understand your needs before delivering a webinar just for you. If you want some face time then we have a range of onsite courses that will fit the bill perfectly.



Our Guidebook is there from the moment you unwrap your OMBEA delivery. It’s an easy read from start to finish and by the end you’ll be a confident OMBEA presenter.

Trusted across the world.

When you buy or rent OMBEA you will join this ever-growing list of innovative brands from across the world that trust us when it comes to their training courses, conferences, lectures and classroom instruction.