Real-time Evaluation

Place ExpressPods at key touchpoints in the customer journey. Being highly visible, approachable and simple to use, they'll contribute large volumes of data on people's basic thoughts and opinions.

OMBEA ExpressPod

A free-standing kiosk featuring five buttons and a multiple-choice or smiley question of your choice.

Each ExpressPod is associated with a physical location meaning you can compare trends between sites for more precise insights.

Multiple Question Types
Location-Specific Comparisons
Real-time Trends

Understand the 'why'

Once your ExpressPods have told you what people think, you'll want to understand why. That's where QuickSurvey steps in. Being simple to access, more people will use it to give you more context at each of your locations.


QuickSurvey is a location-specific survey tool designed for people to give you feedback while they're still in your environment.

It is simple to access via or your own branded .feedback address, so you can get more of the relevant feedback you need at every location.

GPS Location
Mobile Optimised
Real-time Feedback

Act Fast, Win Big

The faster you can roll out new initiatives, the more successful you will be. ActionPads help your team form new habits more quickly, so you can launch the next idea even sooner.

OMBEA ActionPad

ActionPads are small handsets for staff to track their activity while they work. By acting as a physical reminder, ActionPads quickly reinforce new habits.

Each ActionPad features three tracking buttons so you can focus on what's important, with no distractions. Teams are measured in real-time by location, so you can make sure that everyone, everywhere, is delivering improvements.

Team-based Gamification
Real-time Tracking

Everything. Quantified.

All the data from all your ExpressPods, all your Quicksurveys, and all your ActionPads streams into your Insights dashboard. Here it is woven together so you can pull out the actionable insights that will set you apart and keep you growing.

Insights Dashboard

It's all here. Benchmark performance using NPS, find weaknesses by location or by time, and build the evidence for new business cases. Our dashboard presents your data in a way that is easy to understand.

With 24/7 access and scheduled reporting, this is where the magic comes together.

Real-time and Scheduled Reporting
Timeline and Location Comparisons
NPS and Insights Index

You're in good company.

OMBEA is trusted by innovative brands from across the world when it comes to customer insights, employee engagement, teaching and training.