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Ashton Sixth form college provides one of the highest quality academic experiences in the area, they currently hold around 2000 students between the ages of 16 – 19, with around 1000 part time adult learners on top of this. Their core values emphasise their commitment to improving their learning experience and a dedicated pursuit of excellence is something they are very proud of!

Which is most likely why they chose LLaborate!

We have worked together to revolutionise their learning experience over the last few years, they were one of the first customers to utilise the Touch point displays to an educational extent. By exchanging their smart-board solutions for the touch screens they have achieved an efficiency unseen within schools and colleges, now their students can interact with their practical assignments on a whole new level. Presentations, discussions and debates become much simpler when the technology is permanently incorporated into the classroom, supporting equipment consists of sound systems, network interface and even external connectivity, all of which contributes to the effectiveness of the learning experience.

Simplicity is no longer an issue as the youth of today are born into a technological world, more and more we are finding that most students have a better understanding of the hardware than the adult educators, as our touch screens can be loosely compared to giant iPads. Ashton sixth form recognised the technological revolution and has adapted their education centre to accommodate a new generation of students, and it is going wonderfully.