Bolton Marketplace Shopping Centre

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     January 25, 2016

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Logo liveBolton Marketplace is a venue that LLaborate are greatly invested in, not only because of the renovations but because it is a landmark within Bolton Town centre. We approached the Marketplace team during their ownership exchange, as it was a perfect time to introduce new advertising platforms, and described some of the solutions we felt could greatly benefit the market.

From digital signage and advertising, all the way to WiFi and server infrastructure, we offered to manage many aspects of their development. In the end we agreed that LLaborate would manage the advertising via Digital Signage, running through a huge LED Wall situated in the core of the shopping centre, this would feature rotating content, Live TV feeds and RSS feeds.

In almost no time at all we had integrated a stunning media player, running through the LED wall boasting a live feed of music channels and sporting events.

One of the most important aspects was the content management scheme we designed around the marketplace, a member of our team is tasked with managing the content upon the Marketplace’s request, as this media player is capable of being managed from anywhere in the world!

Therefore as and when we are able to connect with the marketplace over the web, connect to our media player and generate schedules and playlists of anywhere upto 356 days in advance. This is one of LLaborate’s strongest outlets, and we have provided this solution to many more customers which is why we are so confident in the solution.