Oakfields Community College

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Project details

LLaborate was invited to supply and install a digital signage solution which also included two video walls, within the brand new state of the art educational facility “Oakfield Community College”.

The senior leadership team have previously looked at some of the work LLaborate had carried out in other establishments, and they decided that we were to be the only choice for the Audio Visual digital signage solution. We worked closely with the IT Architects and the school, to deliver a fantastic digital experience. The client wanted the traditional display powered by computer, Magic Info software for digital signage and also Apple TV, allowing the use of Ipads to interact with the large format displays.

Oakfields Community College moved into its new inspirational building in September 2012. The building houses facilities for their specialisms of Performing Arts and Sport.

Oakfield’s education vision is: ‘Learning for Life’ because learning is at the heart of everything they do. They believe that learning empowers their students and gives them the very best opportunities and chances in life.

The Control:

MagicInfo Pro uses an Ethernet network for servers and monitors, and transfers media files (image files, music files, and movies) and office files (HTML, PDF) from the server to the monitors over the network. Multiple monitors are connected to a server via a network and the server can transfer files to all the monitors at the same time or a single file to a single monitor.

The Results:

The end result of this project is a thriving digital signage solution which can be easily managed. Content can be digitally created and sent to any of the twenty four individual signage screens and the two video walls. The information is easily distributed in and around the school, keeping the students up to date with the on-going events and wellbeing of the community.