All Souls Church Community Center

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In 2007 All Souls church in Bolton became a location of much scrutiny, it had stood for years as a redundant and worn building, a shame for such an impressive and eccentric structure that had stood for over 100 years. Then a local entrepreneur along with community leaders and the churches conservation trust managed to work together to begin a regeneration project, with an aim to overhaul and modernise the entire building.

LLaborate were very excited to be invited to the site after years of renovation, we had seen the build begin as a worn out pillar of the community yet by 2014 it had exploded into the public eye as a clean, polished figurehead of churches across Manchester, at least the outside was.

We were then invited for a walk round tour so that we could establish what products the church required, and how they wanted the suites to function, at this point a new free standing structure had been designed within the church, and we could see that combined with our technology this could be one of the most innovative and advanced builds in the Bolton area!

We introduced a range of touch screens, our stylish Mantella, projection solutions and supporting sound systems to the entire building, to the sites specifications and the end result was truly amazing. We took extra care to maintain the modern aesthetic, by hiding all cables and assuring a clean and smooth install to contribute to this impressive restructuring.


The result spoke for itself, as well as the community and development team, they were all very excited and impressed. We listened to our clients, and emulated their passion within the build and our work spoke volumes, the professionalism was astutely recognised and the site manager couldn’t have been happier.

The main reason why people choose LLaborate, unless the client is happy, we’re not happy.