The Core Shopping Centre

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Project details

We are delighted to be working with The Core shopping Centre at Leeds. The Marketing team at the Core had researched other shopping centres and received Llaborate’s details from another one of our happy customers. Once we met with the team at The Core shopping Centre we knew exactly what they wanted to achieve. We surveyed to shopping space on numerous fronts, The Core shopping centre has further cemented its reputation as a forward-looking retail space that continually takes steps to remain a relevant, if not transformational, centre of retail expression. Perhaps most dramatic and recent investments into creating digital presence to showcase the Shopping centres retail tenants but also keep the retail customers, the footfall Intouch with the world events.

A key part of the technology strategy has been the implementation of digital video walls, displays and free standing digital signage all serviced by a Brightsign digital signage solution. This solution can be managed locally or via the cloud using Llaborate’s own DCM (Digital Content Management).