Does your capital budget enable you to obtain all the equipment your teaching environment actually needs? Working to tight capital budgets can be difficult at the best of times. When you factor in the ever increasing demands to improve every aspect of the learning environment, it becomes even harder and something has to give!

LLaborate offers a refreshing and flexible approach to the Education Sector providing versatile and unique rental arrangements for every type of equipment your school or college is ever likely to need.

Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our clients and we pride ourselves in providing a quality reliable and professional service which is second to none. As our client, you can expect unrivalled, impartial advice all geared to ensuring that you achieve your desired solution, whatever the equipment may be, within your budgetary constraints.

We can work magic with your budget

Here are just a few of the unique points of our leasing service:

  • Parental contribution and charitable rental programs available over a range of equipment.
  • Deferred payment programs, so your school can start using the equipment immediately and pay for it when your budget permits.
  • Flexible Payment Profiles. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, termly, half-yearly or annually to suit you.
  • Budget Underspend: Payments can be structured to take account of larger (or smaller) initial rentals to account for underspend
  • Settle third-party rentals that may be preventing you from acquiring new equipment.
  • Provide complete freedom to select the supplier of your choice
  • Software only transactions (see "What can I Rent?" for full details).
  • Fund the entire solutions, including cabling, fabrication, building work, installation, maintenance, training services and licenses.
  • Master Agreements for phased "draw-downs" of equipment where you need to make stage payments.
  • Include insurance and Accidental Damage cover within the rental payments.

The Benefits of Rental4Education

Order Now, Use Now, Pay Later

Llaborate enables you to have the equipment you need, when you need it - If you have a capital budget of £50,000 per year for three years, it is only possible to purchase £50,000 of equipment per year. By using Llaborate, you can get £140,000 of equipment right now.

Llaborate provides a simple and straightforward approach to renting, which is clear and easy to understand.

Our rentng facility covers any type of equipment whatsoever however obscure you may imagine it to be. Unlike traditional leasing companies, we provide a flexible facility for any equipment or service within your school no matter how unusual or unexpected the requirement may be.