For many of our competitors the installation may be the end of their job but for us it’s only the beginning. We are not a sell & forget organisation. We know that you need training in order to maximize your investment. With our fantastic trainers you will no longer find your new technology scary, daunting even pointless. Without support at all levels of an organisation, your new technology soon loses its relevancy and becomes ineffective.

Technology doesn’t have to baffle

Good training helps you and your employees learn how and why to use their there new technology to its full potential and with confidence. Which means your team gets great value from your investment.

Here at LLaborate, we know how to simplify technology for you, your staff, whatever their age, role or level of expertise. Our experienced team of trainers work with you to deliver bespoke training programmes answering your teams specific needs.

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Customer Requirements

For all onsite sessions, you will need to provide

  • A room that will comfortably hold 8 participants and an instructor
  • Snacks or refreshments you feel are appropriate for a full-day session
  • Any necessary equipment (see table)

  Interactive Hardware Sessions
A computer with Windows 7 or higher Required
Interactive Whiteboard or Touchscreen Required
Digital projector Not required for interactive touchscreens
Access to a computer network* Optional

*This may be via a participant’s login or temporary access for the trainer.
All participants should have basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating system prior to the session.